AirLapse is a timelapse visualisation of air quality in Bath and won two hack prizes: Best Visualisation (£150) and Best Shipped (£150).

Being that air quality and pollution is a location-based thing, we felt the best way to show this would be on a map. We created an appropriate colour scheme and a basic algorithm that normalises and calculates the quality of air and increases or decreases a bubble around any of the five monitors positioned around Bath depending on whether the air is bad (large bubble) or not so bad (small bubble).

Whilst the product isn’t accurate in terms of distance – the bubble can be larger than the area of measurement – it gives a useful insight into how travel, weather and the environment can have an effect on pollution levels in the city.

A date picker allows the user to select a date range to work with and then the play, fast-forward, stop or skip to any given date within the selected range. A timecode in the upper right-hand corner shows the time of day being displayed on the map.

When no data is available for a given monitor, the bubble will disappear and then re-appear when data becomes available to visualise again.


Twitter: @AirLapseBath

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