We’re running our first public mapping event for Accessible Bath on 13th May. We’d like to get as many volunteers together as possible to help us map accessible spaces in the city. You don’t need any special technical expertise, anyone and everyone can contribute. Here’s how you can get involved.

We are coming together as a group to begin our mapping activities on the afternoon of Saturday, 13th May, from 12-4pm. It should be a fun social event. An opportunity to get some fresh air, enjoy the city and provide support for wheelchair users in our community.

Bath & North East Somerset council have kindly agreed to host us in the Brunswick room at the GuildHall. We’ll be using this as our base of operations for the day.

What will the event involve?

On the day we’ll be:

• training people how to use Wheelmap so they can contribute to the project, however they feel comfortable

• going out into Bath, individually or in groups, to start mapping accessible locations in the city

• allowing anyone from the local community to drop in and learn more about the project and how to get involved

What will I have to do?

We’ll be updating wheelmap to identify whether locations are accessible to wheelchair and whether they have accessible toilets. It’s easy to use and we’ll show you how to do it on the day.

You can go out and do some data collection using your mobile or other device. Or work with the team at the Guild Hall on your tablet or laptop. We’ll be co-coordinating tasks on the day to make the most of everyone’s time.

Will I need to attend the whole event?

No, you can drop in and out as you see fit. If you can only come to part of the event that’s fine.

What is the agenda for the day?

We’ll be doing some introductions and running a short training session at 12pm, following by a short training session. If you’re just interested in learning about the project and how to map in your own time, then it would best to come along then.

Organisers will be available all day to answer questions and help you out. So come along when you can.

At 3.30pm we’ll be celebrating our efforts by getting everyone together to look at our progress counter.

How do I sign up?

To help us track number of volunteers, it would be great if you could sign-up to the event on our Meetup page.

But you can also let us know you’re coming by emailing us at leigh@bathhacked.org. You’re also obviously welcome to drop in on the day.

What will I need to bring?

Mostly, your enthusiasm! We’ll try and provide the rest. But in order to help us update the map you’ll need a mobile, tablet or laptop.

The Guild Hall is an accessible location and there is public wifi. So if you’d prefer to join us on the day and help update the map from the comfort of the Guild Hall rather than roaming around the city, then we’ll be there to support you.

In order to go out and map the city you’ll ideally need a mobile device with an internet connection so you can update the map as you go. But if you don’t have a internet connected device, then you can collect information using your phone camera.

We’re also hoping to offer a simple paper and pen option.

Help us spread the word!

If you’re coming to the event, please help us find more volunteers by sharing the event on facebook and social media. We’re using #accessbath to promote the event.


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