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Project recap: @BathPlanning

Duncan Barclay (of @BathFood fame) built his latest Twitter alert service at Hacked 2.1 from newly released BANES planning applications data.

Project recap: The Black Hole of Primary School Admissions

Jesse Stewart and Karolis Danilevicius scooped three prizes at Hacked 2.1 for Best First Timers, Hacker’s Choice (£300) and the Grand Prize (£500) by simplifying the huge amount of school admissions information the local authority presents to parents.

Project recap: Adam’s food standards charts

Adam Reynolds won the “City Life” category (£300) at Hacked 2.1 by showing a practical commercial use of open data. His charting tool is already helping a local food startup find potential customers with food standards ratings.

Hacked 2.1 Attendee Notes

Game time! We have 36 hours to have fun, learn and make magic happen. Here’s everything you need to ensure a smooth hack.

What is a good hack idea?

Turning dry data into something people will love isn’t always easy. It’s a lot easier when you know what people want.

You have 36 hours to hack Bath’s Past, Present and Future

We’re delighted to announce our second big hack on 1st/2nd November as part of the Bath Digital Festival. If you’re passionate about our city and love making things, it’ll be 36 hours of fun and learning.

Project recap: Team Mark/Sam

Mark Lawson and his son Sam tried a novel way to visualise air quality in Bath.

Project recap: Jurnyz

Jurnyz by Simon Starr, Jordan Elver and Liam Richardson takes a different look at air quality by helping people understand how their own behaviour affects pollution.

Project recap: Fourcast

Our Air Quality hack winners scooped £550 for “Fourcast”. Here’s what Adam Reynolds, Ashton Clapp and Steven Borrie (aka Team Slackers) made.

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