We encouraged first timers at Hacked 2.1 and were delighted to see this team, who came to be known as “The Two Annies”, form on the day and have great fun shipping their idea. It was artful and playful and we’d love to see it go further.

What did you make?

An app and art installation called Bath Timetracks aiming to connect the people of now to the famous people of historic Bath. It is an audio-active travel companion using the Open Plaques data as the starting point to  have an interactive, playful, and sociable way of making this data accessible to a wide audience.

bath-timetracksWe are using an art installation (interactive large scale map projected onto walls around Bath) and the latest technology (iBeacons – used to activate the app when the user comes in contact with a historic plaque site) to engage a younger audience and the next generation of visitors to Bath – helping to create a smart, playable city!

Which data sources/tools did you use?

During the hack we used the Open Plaques data of famous historical people of Bath and the historic maps to conceive the idea and build up the concept. To visualise and mock-up the app we used ‘Balsamiq Mockups’ – a software that enables wireframing of app layout and flow through.

What would you do to improve your project further?

002“Interrogate it to confess its strengths!”

Work with app developers to make the project and test it out.

Work on functionality to make it a useful working product.

Network with other potential users. For example iBeacons can be added around the city to direct visitors to temporary and seasonal events. This could provide a maintenance income for the project enabling it to be self sustaining.

We do not have a shipped product but are looking for app developers and anyone interested in making this idea a reality.


We are: Annies’ Art & Apps

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