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Energy Data Infrastructure

In this post we take a look at the data we’ll be using and publishing as part of the Energy Sparks project.

Introducing Energy Sparks

In partnership with Transition Bath, B&NES council and Resource Futures we’re starting a new project to help local schools become more energy efficient. This update provides some background on Energy Sparks and what we hope to achieve.

Celebrate The City Hack Day

It’s the end of the summer. So it’s time for our end of summer hack day. The perfect time to celebrate what makes Bath such a great place to live, study, work and visit. Help us highlight the things that… Continue Reading →

Annual Report 2016

Its now been just over a year since we turned Bath: Hacked from a community meetup into a Community Interest Company. Which means it’s time to take stock of some of our recent achievements and plans for the future.

Strava Metro: interacting with the data

The Guardian have just published an interesting article highlighting how many cities are beginning to tap into the cycling data provided by Strava Metro. We’ve been working with that data for the last few months and are pleased to announce… Continue Reading →

Strava Metro: animating the data

Yesterday we looked at some maps of the Strava Metro data for Bath. Different types of visualisations can help bring out different aspects of a dataset. So today in our attempt to find useful ways to explore the data, we’ve… Continue Reading →

Strava Metro: mapping cyclist activities

In our last post we explored when Strava users are active in Bath. The natural next step in our exploration of the Strava Metro data for Bath is to look at where they are moving through the city.

Strava Metro: activity profiles

Continuing our project exploring the Strava Metro data for Bath we decided to begin exploring when cycling activities are taking place at different times of the day, week and year.

Strava Metro: first steps

As part of our project exploring the Strava Metro data for Bath the first thing we wanted to do was to understand the data at a high level. By taking a step back from the detail we can start to understand… Continue Reading →

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