Retiring the datastore

Things have been very quiet here of late. We’ve been taking some time out to review our progress and plans for the future. Here’s a short update on some impending changes, including our plans to retire the data store.

The challenges of live data

We’ve got several live datasets in our data store, including feeds from the air quality sensors, the car park gates, and the availability of bikes on the Next Bike stands around the city. Everyone loves a live, regularly updating dataset…. Continue Reading →

Visualising data without code

At Bath: Hacked we have lots of data about Bath & North East Somerset. In fact, we have oodles of data; all lovingly gathered, curated & made available on our wonderful Socrata platform for anyone to use. In this post… Continue Reading →

Easy Mapping: “Super” Output Areas

Or… how I learnt to stop worrying and love administrative geography, it’s an easy way of getting data onto a map.

Lessons we’ve learned building a city data store

While our hack days are a focal point for igniting open data in Bath, the unseen and ongoing work that goes into building a quality data store is arguably the most important thing we do. I thought it’d be good to share what we do behind the… Continue Reading →

Air quality fast start

These notes are a quick reference for participants of the Air Quality Hack. Registration will be strictly at 9am and while we’ll do everything possible to make it a fast start for everyone, reading these notes first will be a big… Continue Reading →

Playing with the data store

After a few months break from Bath: Hacked after the event in March, we recently gathered to begin planning the two new events coming this year: the ‘Air Quality’ hack and ‘Bath: Hacked 2.1’ coming on Saturday 20th September and… Continue Reading →

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