Dear Hackers,

The steering group has finished making lists and we’re all systems go. We want to make the hack as fun and smooth as possible so please take a minute to read this through. Here are the things you need to know:

Arrival time: 10am prompt

We’re keen to get everybody comfortable as fast as possible so please try to be on time. Sign in then go straight through to grab your work space. All rooms except the “Never Bored Room” are available to you.

Opening words and housekeeping are planned for 10.15am. We’ll keep them short.

Bring £1

Attendees need passes for getting in and out of The Guild during the hack. The Guild need a £1 deposit for these so please bring a coin. Extra points if you bring one with 12 sides.

Wifi key

There isn’t one. Just sign into “Bath Hacked”, no password required.


The Guild do have some screens dotted about but there won’t be enough for everybody. First come, first served.

Like minds

If you’re keen to meet people with similar interests or complementary skills to help your hack, we’ll add somewhere for you to write your name and say hi. This is how the magic happens, early use recommended.

(A bunch of you have already filled out a Lanyrd profile too – meet some of your fellow hackers here)


We’re @BathHacked and we’ll use the #BathHacked hashtag throughout the event. Post freely, especially your visuals, wireframes and your friend drooling on a keyboard at 3am.

Conversely don’t post problems like “Where’s the toilet?” (talking to us will be faster).

Food & Refreshments

Tea and coffee are freely available at all times, and we’re laying on pastries on both Saturday and Sunday morning. Pizza will be ordered for 6pm Saturday night. If you have any special dietary requirements, please let us know in advance.

Food and refreshments are provided courtesy of B&NES Council.

Beer & cider

Your drinks* are being paid for by the very nice people from SendGridBath MumsHaladon TechnologiesSchoolGuideStorm and Zonkey. They’re all doing it for the love of their community so say cheers if you meet any of them in person. Drinks will be available from the reception area by our barman, Tom.

I have no idea if anyone under 18 is coming but if you are under 18, we have coke. Sorry.


Some of you have already planned to work through the night. If you’re staying but need to nap, feel free to bring a sleeping bag. The lights will stay on so ear plugs and eye masks are also a good idea. Face packs and moisturiser are optional.

Alternatively proper beds are available at Bath Backpackers or St. Christopher’s Inn hostels nearby.

Big data

We have ace connectivity from Gradwell but if you’re planning to use a 5.2Gb dataset, show the love by downloading it before you arrive. We’re guessing everybody will be downloading early on so please help us avoid destroying the Internet all at once.

Free hosting

Don’t forget one of our main sponsors Vidahost have offered free hosting space. Let us know if you need it.

Safe storage

We have a lockable space accessible only to Guild staff if you need to store anything during the hack.

Hacking ends Sunday, 2.45pm

…then we gear up for presentations, judging and prizes. The event should be wrapped up by 5pm.

This is a joint council and community event: B&NES are paying for the food and venue and your prize fund is heroically provided by our main sponsors Invest Bristol + BathMayden,Real World Studios and Vidahost. Thank you!

Other things

If there’s anything else you need to know before the event, I’m standing by – / @webunknown

* Please drink responsibly: No wrestling, no nudity and definitely no impromptu karaoke.

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