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Summers of Data, 4th July

People! It’s time for our first hack as a fully formed and funded CiC. Summers of Data is a super relaxed 1-day hack on 4th July to celebrate our new Independence. (You saw what we did there.)

Case study: Bath Food

Bath Food is one of the earliest uses of open data we’ve seen in Bath, and its elegance and simplicity holds a lot of lessons.

Project recap: VoteTub

Christopher Heward, Cliff Williams and Daniel Pope created a website that aims to help people decide who to vote for in the next general election.

Project recap: Team Gavin

Gavin Bryan used Hacked 2.1 to start work on a mobile app for iOS and Android that elegantly summarises a range of live city data and also provides a feeback mechanism to the council via 311 reports.

Project recap: Team Time Team

Sophie Drake and Andrew Page won our Heritage & History award (£300) at Hacked 2.1 for their work bringing Bath’s plaques to life with timelined photos.

Project recap: Eat A Food

Felix Renicks and Miles Armstrong won Best Shipped Project Award (£300) at Hacked 2.1 for their innovative mashup of Instagram photos and food standards ratings.

What Digital for Good looks like

Bath: Hacked is approaching its first birthday and lots of people ask what we do, and how we do it. Will Sansom made a little film at Hacked 2.1 that takes a look behind the scenes.

Project recap: Bath Timetracks

We encouraged first timers at Hacked 2.1 and were delighted to see this team, who came to be known as “The Two Annies”, form on the day and have great fun shipping their idea. It was artful and playful and we’d love to… Continue Reading →

Project recap: Team Exposé

Byron, Sam, Rob, Adam and Jason won our “Better Bath” award (£300) at Hacked 2.1 for their project that seeks to explain how BANES spends its money. What did you make? We created a way for you, the general public,… Continue Reading →

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